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Guy's Automotive: Engine Repair TampaGuy's Automotive

Infiniti & Nissan Engine Used, New, Rebuild, and Replace in Tampa by Guy’s Automotive

We install used engines, new engines, remanufactured engines or rebuild engines as well as do engine repairs on Infiniti car’s, auto’s and suv’s like EX35, FX, FX35, FX50, G20, G25, G35, G37, I30, I35, J30, M30, M35, M35H, M37, M45, M56, Q45, QX4, and QX56.

We install used engines, new engines, remanufactured engines or rebuild engines as well as do engine repairs on Nissan car’s, auto’s and suv’s like 200SX, 210, 240SX, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300Z, 300ZX, 350Z, 370Z, 720 Pickup, Altima, Armada, Axxess, B210, Cube, D21 Pickup, Frontier, GT-R, Juke, Leaf, Maxima, Murano, Micra, Multi, NV1500, NV2500, NV3500, NX, Pathfinder, Pulsar, Pulsar NX, Quest, Rogue, Sentra, Stanza, Stanza Van, Truck, Titan, Van, Versa, Xterra, and X Trail.

Typical remanufactured longblock engines will have the following:

  • New Rings
  • New Pistons
  • New Timing Chain / Belt
  • New Freeze Plugs
  • New Gaskets & Seals
  • New Main Bearings
  • New Rod Bearings
  • New Cam Bearings
    • New or Machined Cylinder Head(s)
    • New or Machined Crank Shaft
    • New or Machined Cam Shaft
    • New or Machined Connecting Rods
    • New Push Rods
    • New Hydraulic Lifters
    • New Oil Pump
    • Remachined Block

    Whether it is a Infiniti G37, Nissan Titan or any type of Infiniti or Nissan, Guy’s Automotive is your best choice for all types of engine repairs from alternators, waterpumps, engine replacements, oil leaks, cylinder head gaskets, all types of cooling system repairs, starters, timing chain or timing belt, it doesn’t matter what types of repairs you may need on your engine, Guy’s Automotive can service and repair all types of engine problems. Guy’s Automotive also does all types of engine diagnostics and electricl repairs you may need. Visit the website for more information on all of the types of repairs performed at Guy’s Automotive in Tampa and New Tampa to serve the Tampa Bay area! On our site you can browse all of our services, check out our reviews online, and even schedule appointments. Check out our monthly coupon specials to help our customers save money and get more value for their money!

    At Guy’s Automotive, our goal is to repair your car and get you back behind the wheel so you can enjoy your vehicle.

    Value and quality are what we stand for at Guy’s Automotive.

    Located in Tampa, Florida…

    Guy’s Automotive is the best “Auto Repair in Tampa” repair shop!


    Infiniti & Nissan
    Engine List:
  • 1.2 L 1235 CC L4
  • 1.2 L 1237 CC L4
  • 1.4 L 1397 CC L4
  • 1.5 L 1488 CC L4 SOHC
  • 1.6 L 1597 CC L4 SOHC
  • 1.6 L 1597 CC L4 DOHC
  • 1.6 L 1598 CC L4 DOHC
  • 1.7 L 1680 CC L4 Diesel
  • 1.8 L 1769 CC L4 QG18DE DOHC
  • 1.8 L 1798 CC L4 DOHC
  • 1.8 L 1809 CC L4 DOHC
  • 2.0 L 1952 CC L4 SOHC
  • 2.0 L 1974 CC L4 SOHC
  • 2.0 L 1997 CC L4 DOHC
  • 2.0 L 1998 CC L4 DOHC
  • 2.2 L 2184 CC L4 Diesel
  • 2.4 L 2389 CC L4 SOHC
  • 2.4 L 2389 CC L4 DOHC
  • 2.5 L 2488 CC L4 QR25DE DOHC
  • 2.5 L 2488 CC L4 Diesel
  • 2.5 L 2488 CC L4 Hybrid
  • 2.5 L 2495 CC V6 DOHC
  • 2.8 L 2753 CC L6 SOHC
  • 3.0 L 2960 CC V6 SOHC
  • 3.0 L 2987 CC V6 DOHC
  • 3.3 L 3275 CC V6
  • 3.3 L 3275 CC V6 VG33E
  • 3.5 L 3498 CC V6 DOHC
  • 3.5 L 3498 CC V6 VQ35DE DOHC
  • 3.5 L 3498 CC V6 VQ35HR DOHC
  • 3.7 L 3696 CC V6 DOHC
  • 3.8 L 3799 CC V6 DOHC
  • 4.0 L 3954 CC V6 DOHC
  • 4.0 L 3954 CC V6 VQ40DE DOHC
  • 4.1 L 4130 CC V8
  • 4.5 L 4494 CC V8
  • 4.5 L 4494 CC V8 VK45DE DOHC
  • 5.0 L 5026 CC V8 DOHC
  • 5.6 L 5552 CC V8 VK56DE DOHC
  • 5.6 L 5553 CC V8 DOHC

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